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Video Editor

All-in-One video Editor and video maker to create & edit professional videos, effortlessly. Combine multiple images and videos to create a new one.

  • A variety of trendy transition effects
  • Voice-over, add & edit multiple audio tracks
  • Trim videos & adjust the speed
  • Rotate, flip, mirroring & many more
  • +90 Preset filters, Text & Stickers
  • Neon effects & stickers (soon)
  • Underwater video "Sparkle" enhancer
  • High resolution video export (FHD/SD)
  • Add & edit multiple audio tracks
  • Multiple Canvas options & background colors
All-in-one video editor and video maker free app

Image Editor

A powerful comprehensive photo editor for photographers of all skill levels.

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation & many more
  • Crop/rotate & Flip
  • Create custom blur using Shape Blur
  • White-balance to adjust the color temperature
  • Blend tool to create a double exposure effect
  • Fisheye to produce strong visual distortion
Best Free Photo editing app for Android & iOS


MyZesty’s Underwater Filters bring your underwater images and videos to life by revealing the true colors under the ocean.

Editing underwater images and videos can be challenging. MyZesty Underwater presets allow you to take your underwater images and videos to the next level and capture the true color of underwater life with a single tap. Additionally, you can correct the redness in your captures by simply adjusting the slider.

UnderwaterColor correction and color restoration for Underwater videos and underwater images

Neon Effect

Create eye-catching and vibrant visual effects to your photos by using MyZesty’s Neon tool.

The Neon tool is great to transform your photo into a creative image! You can use this tool to create single or multi-color neon effect. You can choose from a variety of neon filters to simulate the effect of neon light and create a color glow with adjustable intensity and color.

Custom filters

Don’t know how to express your mood or feeling? Let the colors speak for you.You can use Custom filters and create your own custom gradient, save your filters for later use, and even share them with your friends. The Custom feature allows you to personalize your filters in a variety of ways — including changing the grid colors, adjusting the opacity of the colors, rotating, and resizing the grids, and many more!
Create single, duo and more than two gradient colors in mobile - MyZesty Appplay


Change backgrounds as if they were the original.You can replace your photo background in three easy steps: (1) Take a green background selfie.(2) Use MyZesty Chroma. (3) Choose an iconic landscape image as your new background. Voila — amazing photos!Chroma helps you change the backdrop of your images without difficulty or complicated applications or software. The Chroma feature easily lets you replace the green background with whatever photos you like. If you want to advertise your products or simply be creative with your photos, Chroma is the finest tool for the job.
MyZesty Green screen effect/chroma key application for Android and iOSplay


Add awesome preset filters to set the right mood in your images and videos.Are you looking for a quick and standard editing process? MyZesty’s vast collection of presets will not only make your images and videos look more professional, but will also save you time when editing your footage.


Adjust the tone of your images with Curve.Curve is a flexible and powerful tool for adjusting tones so you can brighten, darken, add contrast, and shift the color of your photos. It gives you excellent control over the tones and contrast of your image. This feature also enables you to modify the tones and contrast of specific color ranges within your image.

Magic Touch

Turn your everyday capture into a stunning image in just one click.

The Magic Touch tool is designed to automatically enhance your images and videos. Magic Touch is the perfect solution if you need a quick editing tool to improve your captures while preserving their original spirit.

Poster, Collage and Frame

Frame your best memories using a collection of instant posters, collages, and frames.

Whether you’re creating a memorable birthday collage or designing photo grids for your social media feeds, MyZesty makes it more fun for you to unleash your creativity.

  • Create your own posters in seconds and share them with friends and family on social media!
  • Collage automatically remixes your captures into attractive photo collages.
  • With MyZesty’s extensive frame collection, you can easily capture and preserve your favorite memories forever.

And many more features to explore

DrawAdd customize drawings and handwritten comments to your images.
BlurCircular, Radial, Vertical, Horizontal, Inclusive, Exclusive, anyway you like it.
BlendGet creative and blend images.
ExportExport your videos in SD, HD, and Full HD resolutions.
OverlayAdd awesome textures to your photos.
StickerMake a statement by adding a variety of stickers.
VignetteDirect the viewers focus on your shots.
CanvasChange the video ratio to use it in multiple social media accounts, add a color background, or blur the background.
AudioAdd audio to videos, trim audio files, adjust volume, or simply record your own voice in high quality.
ColorRich colors or light colors, yellowish or purplish create the image you like.
SpeedSpeed up or slow down a video up to 4x.
TuneGet creative with the Tune adjustments.
FadeLeave it up to the viewer’s imagination with artistically created faded images.
TextChoose a font, write a text, set the size and the scale place it where it looks nice.


MyZesty allows adjusting photo composition and customizing filters possible like no other apps before.

EIN Presswire
EIN Presswire

MyZesty has unique features that are not yet seen in other photo editing apps.

Namaste UI
Namaste UI

MyZesty allows you to create high-quality photo and video content while maintaining your signature style.